Pain au Chocolat $4.50 each
Butter Croissant $3.50 each

Everything Croissant $4 each (butter croissant with black sesame seeds, poppy seeds, onion, garlic and salt)
Almond Croissant $5.00 each

Nutella Banana Croissant $5 each

Savory Croissant with olive tapenade, roasted red peppers and feta $5.00 each

Morning Buns - Croissant cinnamon rolls with a touch of orange zest $4.50 each, minimum order is 6


Puff Pastry

Palmier Homemade puff pastry rolled with sugar, shaped like a heart, and baked $1.25 each - flavors: sugar, cinnamon-sugar


* We use unbleached, organic flour in all of our baked goods that contain flour. In all of our pastries that contain granulated sugar we use organic cane sugar.







Blueberry-Almond Crumb Tart

Available seasonally - Chemical-free Ohio Blueberries, organic sugar, organic unbleached flour, butter from Snowville Cream, Individual sized, rectangular shaped 1.5" x 4.5", $5 each

Fruit Tarts

Individual double-crusted tarts made with seasonal fruit, $6 each

Full-sized double-crusted apple-Calvados tart, 8.5" (22cm), $33 - seasonal

Fruit Galettes Individual rustic tarts made with seasonal fruit, $5.50 each

Gâteau Basque

A traditional cake from the Basque region that has a butter cookie type crust and is filled with sour cherry preserves Individual tart - $5.50

Full-sized 8" tart - $30


Hazelnut-Honey Tart

A French twist on the classic pecan pie, this tart is made with Honeyrun Farm honey instead of corn-syrup and hazelnuts from Krema instead of pecans.

Individual tart - $5

Full-sized 8.5" (22cm) tart - $29



Madeleine French Tea Cake $2.00 each

Minimum order is 12 of one flavor

Made with homemade Snowville butter and organic flour & sugar.

Includes a glaze made with organic powdered sugar.



Dark Chocolate Brandy Soaked Cherry






Red Velvet



Sablé au Chocolat Chocolate $1.25 each

Shortbread Cookie made with organic fair-trade Valrhona 70% chocolate, organic fair-trade cocoa, organic flour & sugar, butter made from Snowville cream


Parisian Macaron $1.75 each

Minimum order is 18 of one flavor

Gluten-free sandwich cookie made with almond flour, organic sugars, local pastured egg whites and your choice of filling. All chocolate is fair trade organic Valrhona

Suggested shell colors are listed but can be changed upon request


Baileys-Dark Chocolate Ganache (light brown shells, green shells at St. Patrick's Day)

Chambord (Black Raspberry Liqueur)-Dark Chocolate Ganache (purple shells)

Cherry Preserves-Dark Chocolate Ganache (red shells)

Cinnamon Shell with Dark Chocolate Ganache (light brown shells)

Cranberry-White Chocolate Ganache (dark red shells)

Dark Chocolate Ganache (chocolate shells)

Earl Grey Bleu Tea White Chocolate Ganache (blue or grey shells)

Eggnog White Chocolate Ganache (off-white shells, made with Hartzler eggnog)

Espresso Powder-Dark Chocolate Ganache (light brown shells-contains espresso powder)

Grand Marnier (Orange Liqueur)-Dark Chocolate Ganache (orange shells)

Lemon-White Chocolate Ganache (yellow shells)

Paris Tea White Chocolate Ganache (purple shells)

Passion Fruit-Milk Chocolate Ganache (yellow shells)

Raspberry Jam-Dark Chocolate Ganache (pink shells)

Raspberry Jam (pink shells)

Vanilla Bean-Dark Chocolate Ganache (off-white shells contain powdered vanilla)

Yuzu-White Chocolate Ganache (yellow shells, check for availability)


Double Chocolate S'mores Macaron made with an Almond Flour shell made to taste like a graham cracker, filled with dark chocolate ganache, and a section of our homemade chocolate marshmallow, $2 each (can also be made with vanilla bean marshmallows)


Bourbon-Pecan-Dark Chocolate Ganache Macaron made with Pecan Flour

Buckeye Macaron made with Peanut Flour and Filled with Dark Chocolate Ganache

Hazelnut-Nutella Macaron made with Hazelnut Flour

Pistachio-Dark Chocolate Ganache Macaron made with Pistachio Flour


Meringues $1.25 each

Minimum order is 12

Gluten-free cookies made from local pastured egg whites & organic cane sugar.




Pavé aux Amandes

Gluten-Free Almond Cake Lightly Dusted with Organic Powdered Sugar, Great with Tea or Coffee

24 cm square (-the same as 18 invidual pavés) $36 each

22 cm square $33 each

20 cm square (~8" - the same as 12 individual pavés) $30 each

18 cm square (~7" - the same as 9 invidual pavés) $27 each

16 cm square (~6.3") $24 each

Individual sized cake $4.50

Mini-bites - 1 square inch - $1.50 each, minimum order of 12 for the mini-bites

Pavé aux Amandes et Pistaches

Gluten-Free Pistachio-Almond Cake Lightly Dusted with Organic Powdered Sugar, Great with Tea or Coffee

24 cm square (- the same as 18 invidual pavés) - $49 each

22 cm square $44 each

20 cm square (~8" - the same as 12 invidual pavés) $38 each

18 cm square (~7" - the same as 9 invidual pavés ) $33 each

16 cm square (~6.3") $30 each

Individual sized cake $4.50

Mini-bites - 1 square inch - $1.50 each, minimum order of 12 for the mini-bites



Guimauves French Marshmallows made with Organic Cane Sugar from Florida, Local Egg Whites, Honey from Ohio, Water, Gelatin, Powdered Sugar, Potato Starch $2.50 for a package of 2 - Gluten-Free - minimum order is 6 packages

Chocolate, Orange Flower, Strawberry - Orange Flower, Violet, Rose, Passion Flower, Mont Blanc (made with sweetened chestnut purée), Strawberry, Peach, Vanilla Bean, Nutella

Orange Confite Candied Orange Peel - Organic Oranges candied with Organic Sugar $2.50 for a package of 4 - Gluten-Free - minimum order is 8 packages

Orangettes Candied Organic Orange Peel Dipped in Organic Fair-Trade Dark Chocolate $2.50 for a package of 4 - Gluten-Free - minimum order is 8 packages

Pâte de Fruits Fruit Jellies made from Fruit Purée, Organic Vegan Cane Sugar from Florida, Honey from Ohio, and Apple Pectin $3.50 for a package of 4 - minimum order is 20 pieces/5 packages of one flavor - Gluten-Free

Our seasonal flavors are Ohio Apple Cider, Organic Ohio Ginger, Ohio Peaches, Wisconsin Cranberries, Ohio Strawberries, Ohio Quince and Flowering Quince. We also have Passion Fruit, Orange, Lemon, Lime, Raspberry, and Cassis (Blackcurrant) available year round.

Truffes au Chocolat Noir Dark Chocolate Truffles made with Organic Fair-Trade Dark Chocolate and Cocoa Powder, Snowville Creamery Cream, and Honeyrun Farm Ohio Honey $2.50 each - minimum order is 16 truffles


These chocolate candies are similar to Ferrero Rochers. This version has a center made with Valrhona Organic Fair Trade Dark Chocolate, Hazelnut Praline, and Feuilletine (crushed wafers), and they are coated with a mixture of Valrhona Organic Fair Trade Milk Chocolate and Krema Slivered Almonds.

$2.75 each

Minimum order is 12 Rochers


Savory Pastries


Palmier Salé Savory Palmier made with Puff Pastry, Pesto, Goat Cheese, Sun-Dried Tomatoes $1.50 each

Sablé au Fromage Savory Sablé made with Snowville butter, organic unbleached flour and either Gruyère, Cotswold (cheddar with chive and onion), rosemary-Stilton cheese $2.50 for a bag of 4

Double Smoked Bacon Cotswold Cheese Madeleines Double Smoked Bacon and Cotswold Cheese combined in a Savory Madeleine with a Glaze of Powdered Sugar, Bacon Drippings, and Water for a touch of sweetness. These are one of our most requested Madeleine flavors - $2.25 each

Gougères Pâte à Choux mixed with Gruyère Cheese, and baked to form golden brown puffs - $0.75 each - minimum order is 12




Opéra This famous French dessert has three thin layers of cake (made wheat and almond flours) imbibed with espresso syrup, layered with coffee buttercream (made with housemade Snowville butter) and chocolate ganache (made with Valrhona fair trade organic 70% dark chocolate and Snowville cream), and finished with a Valrhona dark chocolate glaze. Each piece is about 1.5 inches wide, 5 inches long, and 1.25 inches tall. $9 per slice, minimum order of 7 slices.


British Style Scones


The scones have a soft, biscuit-like texture and are made with organic flour and sugar, housemade Snowville butter and buttermilk. Flavors include currant-orange, sour cherry-orange, cranberry-orange, sour cherry-Valrhona dark chocolate, lemon-blueberry, pumpkin*, raspberry*, blueberry*, strawberry*, apple-cinnamon*, pear-almond* . $3.75 each, minimum order of 6, *=fresh fruit is available seasonally

To place an order please phone 614-562-3003 or email to check on availability. Chef Michelle Kozak is the only employee who makes the pastries and because of this order availability is limited. For all items other than croissants, pavés and macarons, the minimum order is 12 of one flavor unless otherwise noted. Pickup/delivery in Grandview is offered at no charge.

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